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Composite Applicator
CODE: V017-Composite Applicator
25.00 EGP
Pakistan Cement spatula
CODE: V055-Pakistan Cement spatula
17.00 EGP
Kerr Comporoller
CODE: V016-5300
600.00 EGP
Kandil Applicator Gun
CODE: V017- 3904003
55.00 EGP
70.00 EGP
Pakistan Matrix Holder
CODE: V055-Pakistan Matrix Holder
38.00 EGP
Plastic Instrument
CODE: V055 - plastic instrument
20.00 EGP
TPC Capsules Applicator Gun
CODE: V055-TPC Capsules Applicator Gun
400.00 EGP
Amalgam Condenser
CODE: V055 - Amalgam Condenser
17.00 EGP
Mortar and Pestle
CODE: V011-Mortar and Pestle
20.00 EGP
Pakistan Ball Burnisher
CODE: V055-Pakistan Ball Burnisher
20.00 EGP
Pakistan anatomical Burnisher
CODE: V011-Pakistan anatomicalBurnishe
15.00 EGP
Plastic Instrument Medis
CODE: V055- Plastic instrument
20.00 EGP
Pakistan Amalgam Carver
CODE: V011-Pakistan Amalgam Carver
14.00 EGP
Pakistan anatomical Carver
CODE: V011-Pakistan anatomical Carver
14.00 EGP
Pakistan Amalgam Carrier
CODE: V011-Pakistan Amalgam Carrier
35.00 EGP
Endo Probe
CODE: V055-end probe
20.00 EGP
Ball Burnishers Double Ended Octagonal So...
CODE: V025- Ball burnisher
37.00 EGP
Applicator Gun for Glass Ionomer
CODE: V017-10390008
400.00 EGP
Pakistan T-Burnisher
CODE: V011-Pakistan T-Burnisher
15.00 EGP
GIC Activator
CODE: V005-1201
510.00 EGP
Pk Thomas Dropper Kit (Wax Carvers P.K 1,...
CODE: V055 - Dropper Kit
75.00 EGP
Larident A11
CODE: V015-A11
75.00 EGP
Fuji Gun
CODE: V023-01252
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3M Aplicap Applier and Activator Pack
CODE: V021- 37160
2,350.00 EGP
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