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Package: 100 dental X-ray film + Monobath 250ml


1. Immediately developing, quickly acquire images.

2. Convenient: Could be wash by manual or processor machine and develop in light room.

3 Healthy: It could be taken a clearer and high contrast image on condition of low dose of X-ray radiation, to protect dentist and patients’ health.

4 High Definition: The image is perfect definition and excellent resolution.

5. Comfortable: Soft plastic packing and thinner film, more comfortable to customer

6. Saving space: No need for processing machine, saving space for clinic.

Dental X-Ray Film Instruction (D Speed)

Yes!Star Dental X-Ray Film,GY-D/GY-1


D Speed


I.   Wash Dental Film In Light room

(i)Wash Condition and Method

1.Film the dental film by normal procedure.

2.Extract 3-5ml monobath with injector, inject from the upper right corner into the dental film bag.

3.Press on the pinhole, shake or knead the dental bag property to coat the monobath on the film evenly, tear off film bag after 60-90s, and rinse off with water. (Note: Do not use your fingers to wipe the film’s surface in case of scratched.)

4.Dry the film off for inspection and diagnosis.


1.There is a convex point on the horns of dental film bag, used to judge the left or right teeth. And the convex point side indicates the side is faced radiation source.

2.The temperature of using disposable monobath is good to set as 22°C, higher temperature makes the image too black and formed fog easily, lower makes the image too quiet. Users can adjust the temperature according to the situation until clear.

3.Should be careful to inject liquor with a syringe, avoid transpierce the dental film bag to cause leakage.

4.Need to use the Yes!Star monobath. Please seal monobath after use.

5.Avoid monobath splash into eyes, rinse with water immediately if contacted.

II.  Dental X-ray exposure condition ( Only Reference )

Focal distance 20cm (8in) 70KV, 8mA


III. Storage
Store in a dry and airy environment warehouse with room temperature below 10°C -25°C,  and relative moisture below 30%-65%. Be away from heat source beyond 1m, ground beyond 30cm, and wall beyond 30 cm. Forbid direct sunlight, and storing with acid, alkali, harmful gas or radioactive material.

IV. Limited Period
The validity is two years; production date is on the outer package.