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X Axis Belt Tensioner


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  • turdy SPCC Steel: This belt tensioner is forged with SPCC steel. It has stable shrinkage at high temperatures, beautiful appearance and good wear rate.
  • Adjustable Elasticity: It is a very useful upgrade part for series printers. The belt can be adjusted freely, which is better than the original. It is easier to adjust the belt, with higher precise and better printing effect.
  • Manual: The belts of the X axes and Y axes can be adjusted by turning the screws by hand at any time.
  • Easy Assembly: Already assembled, you don't need to assemble it yourself, just install and use it right away.
  • Compatible: 2020 X axes belt tensioner and 2040 Y axes belt tensioner are suitable for Ender 3 V2/ CR‑10/CR‑10S/CR‑10 S4/CR‑10 S5/CR‑10 mini/CR‑10 V2 /CR‑10 V3.

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