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WP Re-Cord®(#000)Non-Impregnated


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Retraction cord, knitted with 100% cotton-wool. This non-impregnate retraction-cord with thousands of interconnecting tiny loops is building a tubular cord. It guarantees easy application and has got a high absorption capacity. The cord doesn’t frazzle and carries-out an optimate pressure on the sulcus.

Temporary retraction of marginal gingiva and therefore presentation of the preparation-border.

  • 100 % knitted cotton-wool
  • Non-impregnated
  • Even, permanent pressuce on the gum groove
  • Absorbs large quantities of blood

  • Very good retention in the sulcus
  • Elastic pressure on the sulcus opening
  • Very good hemostatic property
  • Does not frazzle

Length:                             300 cm

Storage conditions:       dry and protected from light 0 – 22 °C

Shelf life:                         1,5 years

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