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Ultrasonic Scaler U6 LED


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  • Comfortable Scaling
  • For supragingival and subgingival scaling, and endodontic treatment
  • Stable performance, thanks to the automatic frequency tracker function and microcomputer control
  • Smart Touch System allows easier operation
  • NO PAIN technology, Sine-wave drive, mild power output, comfort level the same as EMS PIEZO MASTER 700 and Acteon P5 XS BLUE
  • Root canal treatment expert
  • Optimum vibration of tips, iintelligent negative feedback, ensure more comfortable scaling
  • Water system uses Anti-rot material, all clinical solutions are applicable
  • New sealing technique applied to handpiece, ensure more soft and stablepower output
  • Sensitive touch screen, waterproof design, protective film can be sticked on the touching screen to prevent cross infection

Technical Data:

  • Main Unit Input: 24V, 50Hz
  • Water pressure: 0.01MPa - 0.5MPa
  • Frequency: 28KHz + 3KHz
  • Main unit weight: 628g
  • Dimensions: 175 x 144 x 77mm

Compatible Tips:

  • Supragingival scaling: G4, G5, G6, G12
  • Implant maintenance: P90
  • Subgingival scaling: P1, P3, P4, P3D, P7, P12, P2R, P2L
  • Endo scaling: E62
  • For removing the calcification and fillings in root canal: E3D
  • For removing the calcification in the coronal third of the root canal: P4D
  • Root canal retreatment, removing foreign bodies: E6, E7, E14, E15
  • Locating root canal orifice: E12D
  • Cavity preparation: G30, G31, G32, SB1, SB2, SB3

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