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4 x 1.2 ml
1.2 ml Desensitizing

Cosmetic teeth whitening for the first use in the practice and further use by the patient at home. The tooth whitening gel in two material concentrations for different lengths of time the splints are worn offers flexibility in treatment. The duration of application can be selected individually for each patient. The special WHITEsmile formula combines gentle whitening with optimized results. This avoids dehydration and sensitivity during treatment. As an optimal supplement, the After Whitening Mousse reliably remineralizes the teeth.

First use only in the dental practice and further use by the patient at home. For patients older than 18 years.

• HOME WHITENING Gel in 1.2ml syringe

• AFTER WHITENING MOUSSE for desensitization and remineralization  with a fresh fruit flavor in 1.2ml - 3ml syringes

• Deep-drawing foils for manufacturing the splints

• Light-curing blocker for application to tooth models

Available material concentrations

• 10% CP (~ 3.5% HP) for overnight use

• 16% CP (~ 5.6% HP) for overnight or daytime use

CP = carbamide peroxide
HP = hydrogen peroxide

HOME WHITENING can also be used as a further treatment after POWER WHITENING/LIGHT WHITENING.



Cosmetic tooth whitening for use by the patient at home.

time per application

10% CP: overnight, min. 4 hours

16% CP: overnight or day, min. 3 hours

frequency of applications

10% CP: 5-12 sessions

16% CP: 5-12 sessions

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