White Smile Flash Chariside Bleaching Kit


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    Chairside Light Whitening Syste

    In-Office With Whitening Lamp

    Fläsh Light Assisted Tooth Whitening System Is The Fastest Form Of Tooth Whitening. With Optimally Designed Accessories, The System Offers Maximum Comfort And Treatment Results. The System Is Supported By The Newly Developed Fläsh Whitening Lamp.

    For Cosmetic Tooth Whitening With 6 % Hydrogen Peroxide. Available Only At The Dentist For Patients Older Than 18 Years Of Age.

    For Special Cases With Medical Indications, The System Is Also Available With 32 % Hydrogen Peroxide.

    - 2 x 4g Light Whitening 32% Hydrogen Peroxide (mixed)
    - 2 x 1.5g Gingiva Protector, light curing
    - 2 x 1.2ml After Whitening Mousseb
    - 4 x Cotton Roll 9cm / 2 x 0.4ml Vitamin E Oil
    - 2 x Lip Retractor (autoclavable)
    - 2 x 75ml Whitening Toothpaste
    - Flashcard 120
    - Chairside Light Whitening System

    - flash light assisted tooth whitening system is the fastest form of tooth whitening. With optimally designed accessories, the system offers maximum comfort and treatment results. The system is suppor

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