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VOCO Polofil NHT Flow 1.8g


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Flowable Composite

Syringe 1.8gm

Made in Germany

Polofil NHT Flow

Flowable light-curing nano-hybrid filling material

Ideal flowability

Outstanding physical properties

Excellent wetting properties

Very high filler content (> 76 % w/w)

Significantly less polymerisation shrinkage (3.2 %)

Extremely high resistance to abrasion (ACTA < 35 μm)


Filling minimally invasive cavities of all classes

Filling small class I cavities and extended fissure sealing

Filling class II - V cavities including V-shaped defects and cervical caries

Blocking out undercuts

Lining or coating cavities

Repairing fillings and veneers

Luting translucent prosthetic pieces (e.g. full ceramic crowns, etc.)

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