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Voco Ionolux Caps


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Light-cured resin modifed glass ionomer restorative material

  • Excellent working time – setting time individually adjustable by light-curing
  • No need for conditioning of dental hard tissue
  • Immediately packable after placement in the cavity
  • Does not stick to the instrument, easy to model
  • Fill, polymerise and finish – no varnish required
  • Fluoride release
  • Biocompatible
  • Radiopaque
  • A suitable alternative to the CBF technique (composite bonded to flow) in deep cavities


Class III and V restorations, primarily cervical fillings and root caries

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Small class I fillings

Temporary fillings

Core build-up



REF 2115
Set application capsule 50 pcs. (10 × A1, 10 × A2, 30 × A3)

REF 2117
Application capsule 20 pcs. A1

REF 2118
Application capsule 20 pcs. A2

REF 2119
Application capsule 20 pcs. A3

REF 2120
Application capsule 20 pcs. A3.5

REF 2121
Application capsule 20 pcs. B1

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