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Voco Futurabond DC (single dose)


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Self-Etch Adhesive

0.1ml  single dose

Made in Germany

Dual-curing universal adhesive

One bond for all cases! Makes all other adhesives in the practice redundant!

Self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch – free choice for the practitioner

Outstanding versatility of application

for direct or indirect restorations

fully compatible with all light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing methacrylate-based composites without additional activator for dual-curing

secure adhesion to various materials such as metal, zirconium dioxide or aluminium oxide, as well as silicate ceramics without additional primer

treatment of hypersensitive tooth necks

protective varnish for glass ionomer cement restorations etc.

Applied in one layer – only 35 seconds total working time

Outstanding adhesion compared to other universal, self or total-etch adhesives

Moisture tolerant

Refrigeration not necessary

Futurabond U in practical SingleDose

Easy, quick and hygienic

No additional devices required

No spilling in any position

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