VOCO-Calcimol LC- Syringe


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Light-cured, resin modified calcium ion releasing base liner and pulp capping material


Indirect pulp capping

Lining under all filling materials

Protection when applying the total-etch technique


  • Calcium ion release promotes hydroxyapatite and tertiary dentine growth
  • High pH level 10–12) supports healing and has an antimicrobial effect
  • Flow on Demand – stays where you apply it
  • Non-Dripping syringe for easy placement without waste
  • Virtually eliminates sensitivities by creating a sealed barrier to the pulp
  • High compressive strength for a solid foundation
  • Radiopaque for easy x-ray identification
  • Acid resistant

Calcimol LC in the new NDT®-syringe

  • NDT® means non-dripping-technology
  • Especially for fine-flowing materials
  • Can be dosed and applied precisely
  • Without any loss of material

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