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VITA classical A1-D4 shade guide


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VITA classical A1-D4

The basic solution with a plus.

VITA classical A1–D4 shade guide with VITA Bleached Shades
• Tooth shade determination in a single step
• 16 natural, empirically induced tooth shades
• Simple shade selection thanks to quick comparison of shade samples with the natural tooth
• Possibility of sorting in accordance with visually perceived levels of lightness

The VITA classical A1 – D4 shade guide serves to accurately determine tooth shade.

The arrangement of the shades in the VITA classical family of shades is as follows:

A1 - A4 (reddish-brownish)
B1 - B4 (reddish-yellowish)
C1 - C4 (greyish shades)
D2 - D4 (reddish-grey)

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