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Velopex Aquacare Air Abrasion Device


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Both Single & Twin models currently function within Adhesive dentistry, Bonding, Clean, Desensitising, Endo, Hygiene, Implant, Laboratory, MI, Ortho, Pediatric, Pekkton, Perio, Remineralising, Restorative dentistry, Stain removal, Veneers… Supra or Sub Gingivally.

The Difference Between Just Using A Device Or Investing In A Philosophy.

With more powders in development and the ability to change in just ONE second, the AquaCare Twin readily allows you to embrace abrasion, clean, desensitising, remineralising…

AquaCare Range Of Powders

Innovation Makes It UNLIMITED

Research and development is our lifeblood. Our dental understanding, appreciation and excellence is transforming the particle abrasion fields of Restorative, Prophylaxis and Clean Dentistry. Patented delivery system via Venturi single-use tips, our AquaSol shroud is moving particle abrasion from its dusty past to its glorious future. Virtually UNLIMITED, AquaCare with its unique cartridge allows simple switching to suit the clinician’s treatments. Is AquaCare future proof? New powders, no problem, new solutions, no problem.

Total Control Of Your Powder, Pressure And Solution.

When you know how to do something, you have a skill. When you understand, you can alter that knowledge and adapt it for your patient treatments.

Not All Clean Is The Same

It’s easy to finish your cavity preparation with 29μm Aluminium Oxide & Sylc Bioglass. Or remove Biofilm with Aluminium Hydroxide, then finish with Sylc Bioglass.

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