Ultra Pak Cord #00


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Cord made in 100% cotton for fast retraction and easy placement. Available in several sizes. The smaller cords are ideal for paediatric cases and as the first cord in the double-cord technique. The larger sizes are ideal as the second cord in the double-cord technique and in areas with very thick gingival tissue which requires a lot of force for retraction.


- The unique design of UltraPak® provides a gentle and continuous force after being placed as the knitted loops open out.
- Optimal tissue displacement is produced after 3–8 minutes.
- The original and smallest cord on the market.
- Provides rapid tissue retraction, detailed margins and quality impressions.
- They are compressed while being applied and later expand for optimal retraction.
- Brilliant colours which aid placement and removal.

- The pack comes with a label which allows comfortable and easy thread measurement.

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