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Tokuyama Palfique Bond - 5ml bottle


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undefinedThe 3D SR monomer, originally developed by Tokuyama Dental, creates integrity and a uniform bonding layer. PALFIQUE Bond employs the 3D SR monomer technology to provide a strong and durable adhesive strength, as well as less technique sensitivity and post-operative sensitivity. This is the advantage of a one component, self-etching bonding system which employs the 3D SR monomer. PALFIQUE Bond offers your practice esthetic and reliable bonding.


PALFIQUE Bond has better operability, with the same high bond strength as the original TOKUYAMA BOND FORCE

  • Short 10 second application time
  • Store at room temperature (0~25℃) for up to 2 years
  • Short 5 second mild air dry
  • 5 minute working time under a light blocking plate

Simple steps

Assured bond stength ( strong and durable )undefined

  • In-house data, R&D, Tokuyama Dental Corporation ※※ After 3,000 Times Thermal-Cycling Tes ※ Not a registered trademark of Tokuyama Dental Corporation

Uniform, thin and strong bonding layer

PALFIQUE Bond provides a uniform, thin and strong bonding layer and shows the excellent adaptability to the cavity.

Product package available

PALFIQUE Bond Refill

  • Bottle/5mL × 1

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