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SUN Class N Autoclave 18 Litres


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1. The Autoclave is specially designed for the occasions in use of frequent sterilizations. It is equipped with the microprocessor for intelligent control and man-machine interface for convenient operation.

 2. With the distinctions in displaying parameter and condition actively, evaluating malfunction automatically, shutting off for self-protection automatically in case of excessive temperature and pressure, this type autoclave is reliable product in sterilizing. 

3. This product can be applied in sterilizing for the tooth device, operation device, Sanitary Material and other heat-resisting articles existing in the Dept. of Stomatology, Ophthalmology and lab. 

4. Preparation Before Operation:

     I. Before operation, please connect well to the power source.    

     II. Connect the power source hole under the back left side of the autoclave and the power socket by the attached power cable inside the product’s package so as to switch on the autoclave.     

     III. Push down the main power button at the right bottom corner of the front side, when the indicator light is on, it means that the autoclave get through with the shown on the screen.     

     IV. The autoclave is not heated while under such initialization status. 

5. World standard Class-N type. Without Printer.


Appearance size:445X550X395mm

Inside Dimension:Ø249x355mm

Power: 1800W

Tank Capacity: 18L

Gross Weight: 33kg

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