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SmartBurs®ll Conservative Decay Removal Instruments

The Intelligent Bur That You and Your Patients Will Appreciate

Caries removal in deep lesions can pose a risk of pulp exposure. Smartburs® II is a patented self-limiting polymer instrument, designed to eliminate the risk of unintentional pulp exposure.

Based upon the science of tooth structure hardness, the instrument is hard enough to cut only softer decayed (infected) dentin while leaving harder, affected and healthy dentin intact.

Designed with Cariologists to Only Remove Decayed Dentin

• Conserve remaining healthy dentin to avoid inadvertent pulp exposure.
• do not traumatize healthy dentinal tubules, thereby reducing postoperative sensitivity
• The only rotary cutting instruments that uniquely discriminate between healthy and carious zones of dentin.
• SmartBurs®ll Instruments are made for use at standard slow handpiece speeds of 5,000 to 10,000 rpm.

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