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Shofu OneGloss PS


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For composite and tooth enamel

OneGloss is specially created for finishing and polishing of direct aesthetic restorations with only one instrument.

OneGloss PS instruments are made of highly concentrated aluminium oxide with silicone as binder. Polishers are mounted on a sturdy plastic mandrel.

By simply altering the contact pressure, you can go from finishing to polishing with only one instrument:

· Finishing with high contact pressure (approx. 1 N)

· Polishing with feathery contact pressure (approx. 0.3 N)

· Removal of excess cement and polishing of enamel with moderate to light contact pressure

· Polishing of enamel and removal of tooth discolouration with light contact pressure

OneGloss PS is individually wrapped

OneGloss PS provides the ideal finish to all composite restorations with a plastic shank.

  • Aluminum oxide polishers are mounted on sturdy plastic mandrels
  • Durable enough to withstand polishing an entire arch
  • Use OneGloss PS for: composites, temporary crowns, removal of orthodontic cements and removal of stains from enamel

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