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Shofu BeautiSealant 1.2g


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Self etching fluoride releasing pit & fissure sealant

This fissure sealant is simple and gentle on the tooth substance and consists of the BeautiSealant primer and the BeautiSealant paste. The self etching primer shortens the conventional treatment time by eliminating the treatment steps of etching and rinsing.

The treatment is gentle, as the demineralised and dehydrated Effect of the phosphoric acid etching on healthy tooth substance is avoided.

  • BeautiSealant achieves a sheer bond strength of 19.5 MPa, which is comparable or even better than fissure sealing with phosphoric etching.
  • The BeautiSealant paste continuously releases fluoride.

Secure Seal The paste has an optimal flow and bubble free consistency and is easy to apply, hence completely filling and permanently sealing gaps and voids. A specially developed ultra fine 27 gauge cannula (ø 0.4 mm) for precise application is part of the set.


  • Ideal handling and viscosity
  • Eliminate trapped air due to bubble free consistancy
  • Radiopacity equal to dentine: 0.92 mm Al
  • High shear bond strength without etch and rinse technique
  • Application in four easy steps within 30 seconds

Indications Preventive pit and fissure sealant of deciduous and permanent teeth

PACK: 1.2 g paste 

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