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Beautifil II Enamel composites were developed as a  line extension of Beautifil II packable, bioactive, nano-hybrid composite for direct aesthetic restoration.

Available in 4 naturally translucent and opalescent shades that facilitate life-like shade reproduction and value adjustment in the final restoration to meet individual clinical needs. Optical characteristics have been fine-tuned  in the  enamel shades to easily blend with the Beautifil range of composites to create polychromatic restorations with morphology and aesthetics that mimic natural teeth.


  • Provides age specific aesthetic enhancement for direct veneers
  • Exceptional handling characteristics with a smooth creamy consistency
  • One push syringe for controlled dispensing
  • Long working time to easily sculpt fine surface details
  • High abrasion / wear resistance
  • Stable shades – Naturally translucent and opalescent
  • Effortless and superior polishability with sustained polish retention
  • Shofu’s proprietary S-PRG fillers offer additional fluoride benefits and anti-plaque effect on the restoration surface.

Available in 4 shades: T [PN Y2250], HVT [PN Y2251], LVT [PN Y2252], AM [PN Y2253] Beautifil II Enamel HVT Shade


  • 2.5g syringe

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