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SHOFU BEAUTIFIL Bulk Restorative Capsule


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Bulk fill resin has been hailed as a game changer in restorative dentistry. Development of new resin monomers and fillers have finally made bulk filling a reality.

Beautifil-Bulk is a light-cured, bioactive  direct resin composite developed for faster, easier and simpler restoration with one single increment of up to 4mm. A unique balance of resin with new monomers and fillers provide deep cure, minimal polymerization shrinkage stress and optimal physical properties with remarkable shade match and all round fluoride protection.


  • Sculptable paste designed for dentin and enamel replacement
  • Faster easier direct posterior restoration with minimal shade difference pre and post cure
  • Ideal for posterior restoration including occlusal surfaces, core build up & deciduous restorations
  • Optimal translucency with excellent optical characteristics for remarkable shade match
  • High radiopacity and superior mechanical properties
  • S-PRG fillers impart sustained fluoride benefit with anti-plaque effect to minimize secondary caries

Available in 2 shades: Beautifil-Bulk Restorative Shades

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