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Traus sip 10
New excellent technology provide the optimized performance by BLDC motor (0-40 000rpm)
. Optic function
. Ergonomic design
. Visible LCD display
. Traus with optic contra angle
. Effectiveness and grip
. Ergonomic foot control
Program memory function
-maximum 10 programmable memories for setting the speed، torque، rotation, irrigation pump, intensity, and boost
Automatic overload protention function
. The motor is automatically stopped and "Error" shows on the display when the load is higher than torque value.
Real-Time RPM, Torque view system
-Actual RPM and torque valu are displayed on the on the screen. The user can perform more delicate operation.
MOTOR AUTO- Calibration function
. This product is made following ISO
Guidance and is compatible with products from other companies like NSK, Kavo, etc.
. Offer memory function of gear ratio
1:5, 1:4, 1:1, 1:16,1:20,1:27, 1:64

Product spec:
. Speed 20:1 handpiece 2000RPM
. Torque 20:1 handpiece 5-70 NCM
. Contra angle traus (optic)
. Max torque 80Ncm
.LED 25000 LUX
                One year warranty