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Schutz Capo Bulk Fill 2g


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undefinedLC Bulk Fill Flow Composite 


  • Fillings with a layer thickness up to 4 mm in cavities of Black's classes I and II
  • Base fillings with a layer thickness up to 4 mm in cavities of Black's class II. Such base fillings in class II cavities must be covered with a composite suited to the treatment of class II cavities.
  • Cavity lining - as a first (bottom) layer for cavities in Black's classes I and II


  • Quick and easy to work with, for a layer thickness of up to 4mm
  • Minimal shrinkage = very safe to use
  • Extraordinarily good physical properties (filler content approx. 77%)
  • No additional layers required to cover the cavity = saves time
  • High radiopacity (210 % Al) guarantees reliable diagnosis between the filling material and the natural tooth substance
  • Compatible with most bonders and composite systems
  • Biocompatible: 100 % free of bisphenol A, HEMA and TEG-DMA
  • Universal dentin color = natural appearance
  • Outstanding flow behavior
  • Easy to polish

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