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Runyes 3DSV3 Intraoral Scanner

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Runyes 3DS 3.0 from Runyes Medical is one of the newest intraoral scanners introduced to the market.


  • CE, FDA, ISO13485, GOST, INMETRO, ANVISA and registration certificates of other 12 countries.
  • True 3D color - The latest image rendering technology makes color reproduction realistic, which is convenient for doctor-patient communication.
  • The Al function built into the software not only removes any captured soft tissue artifacts, but completely ignores the tongue and cheeks.
  • Comfortable and light handle.
  • Protection against accidental unplugging of the power cable.
  • Innovative mirror heating system, without the use of air.
  • Can be sterilized in an autoclave (up to 100 times per tip).
  • Open system (.STL, .OBJ, .PLY files).
  • Service in Polish.
  • 2 tips included (mini 12mm/12mm, standard 15mm/15mm).
  • Oral health report.
  • Real-time overview.
  • Complete ecosystem with 3shape, exocad, dental wings, BlueSkyBio, ASIGA systems,
  • Cloud sharing.
  • Unique features (metal scanning, margin line drawing, model builder)

Technical Specifications:

  • Handle dimensions (L x W x H) 240mm X 49.5mmX30.5mm.
  • Handle weight 210g.
  • Standard tip size 79mm x 19.7mm x 15.8mm.
  • Mini tip size 80mm x 16mm x 11mm.
  • Scanning area (standard) 15mmX15mm.
  • Scanning area (Mini) 12mmX12mm.
  • Depth of field; 15mm.
  • Sterilization in autoclave up to 100 times, at 121°C 16 min, at 134° 4 min.
  • Accuracy; crown <l0μm, full area <20μm.
  • Scanning speed; single arc 30 s, full arc with occlusion 90 s.
  • No calibration.
  • STL, OBJ, PLY output.
  • USB3.0 connectivity.
  • Operating languages; Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Japanese and Korean.


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