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Promedica Composan bio-esthetic One Syringe (4 g)


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Light-curing nano-ceram composite for all filling classes
Composan bio-esthetic is an innovative composite material that is based on three-dimensionally linked inorganic glass-like components and organic co-polymers. Moreover, special NANO and CERAMIC filler particles are incorporated in this cross-linked network matrix. This chemical composition ensures the extraordinary high biocompatibility of Composan bio-esthetic
INDICATIONS Fillings of class I to V
Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors
Veneering of discoloured anteriors
Colour and shape corrections for better aesthetic appearance
Locking, splinting of loose anteriors
Repair of veneers
Core build-up under crowns
Suitable for indirect composite inlays
ADVANTAGES Universal for all cavity classes
Comfortable handling, easy modellation
Nano-reinforced ceramic particles
Special resin matrix
Significantly less free monomers
Exceptional aesthetics
High colour stability
Perfect translucency and colour adaptation
Durable, long-lasting restorations
Outstanding adhesion to tooth substance in combination withCompobond 1
Perfect permanent marginal tightness
Extremely low polymerisation shrinkage
Optimal abrasion resistance

All shades come in 4 g syringes

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