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PROMED Iso Plus EuroDent Dental Unit


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- Comfort and heavy duty dental unit with ergonomic design

- Compatable with infection control measures

- Safety measures for both patient and operator Chair

- Electro mechanic motor

- Double-articulating head rest

- Pivoting arm-rest the left is fixed the right is movable

- Chair stop n.2 safety switches

- programmable chair touch pad with n.3 different functions

(chair movement with pre-set 3 programs, dental light, cuspidor flush,

patient rinse)+ n.1 returning to prior position

- Available with standard micromotor TKD.

- Hand piece oil filter collector

- Saliva ejector.

- High suction (vacuum) module

- Assistants arm with accessory ship syringe

- Distilled water tank for instruments

- Faro LED light 35000 LUX

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