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President Dental ZENIT - LC / Nano Ceramic Composite Refill Syring 4 gm


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Light curing nano ceramic composite with outstanding physical properties and optimized handling for direct restorations of all cavity classes as well as indirect restorations such as inlays and onlays. Nanotechnology has been proven in the chewing simulator...

The high load resistance of ZENIT has been proven in the chewing simulator at the München University dental clinic.The abrasion with pressure load and shearing force was significantly less than that of comparable materi

Refill 4 gr syringe

PRD.100.01.ZN01 A1
PRD.100.01.ZN02 A2
PRD.100.01.ZN03 A3
PRD.100.01.ZN04 A3,5
PRD.100.01.ZN05 A4
PRD.100.01.ZN06 B1
PRD.100.01.ZN07 B2
PRD.100.01.ZN08 B3
PRD.100.01.ZN09 C2
PRD.100.01.ZN10 C3
PRD.100.01.ZN11 A2O
PRD.100.01.ZN12 B20
PRD.100.01.ZN13 W2 (Insizal White)
PRD.100.01.ZN14 W3 (Insizal Trans)
PRD.100.01.ZN15 UL (Universal Light)
PRD.100.01.ZN16 Red (Effect Shade)
PRD.100.01.ZN17 AE (Adult Enamel)

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