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President Dental PREBOND SE Universal Bond Self Etch 7th Generation 5ml


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PREBOND SE - Light Cure One Component Bonding Agent-7th Generation

PREBOND SE is a self etching. Light curing one component adhesive for the adhesive restoration technique used on direct and indirect restorations.PREBOND SE is formulated to contain functional MDP monomers, methacrylate, photoinitiators, ethanol and water.

Can be used on the following cases: Fixing of composite-material and compomer at enamel and dentin Adhesive fixing of restorations of ceramic or composite at enamel and dentin. Fixing and repairing of light cure composites at hybrid ceramic, composite, metal or amalgam Usable as dentin-sealer PREBOND SE Light cure universal bond self-etch 5ml.
PREBOND SE light cure universal bond self-etch 5ml 

Prebond SE contains methacrylate, photoinitators, ethanol water. 
+ Fixing of composite material and compomer at enamel and dentin 
+ Fixing of composites at ceramic, compositmaterial 
+ Also usable as dentin-sealer
+ Layer thickness maximum is 10 microns 
+ Minimum PH Valume is 2.77
+ Contains MDP 4 Meta functional monomer

Packaging Detail
PRD.100.02.002 1x5 ml bottle

Physical Data: 

*Appearance:Clear,particle free,low viscosity liquid *pH-value:3,0-3,2 

*Tensile strength by light curing dentine/enamel:30 MPa

 *Tensile strength to non precious metal:20 MPa

 *Tensile strength to precious metal:24 MPa

 *Polymerisation time:40 sec. 

Shelf Life: *3 years from the production date

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