President Dental DYNAMIC PLUS - Light Curing Universal Hybrid Composite - Refill (4g)


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DYNAMIC PLUS is a visible light cure microhybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations.

Applicatinon Zone

* Class III,IV and V restorations
* Class I and II restorations
* Inlay or onlay cases with direct or indirect method
* Custom Veneers hardened utside the mouth

Phsical Data

The treatment depth in:  40 sec. 4.5nm
Flexural Strength: 120Mpa
Diametric stretching  strength:    69Mpa
Pressure Strength: 400Mpa
Polimerization shrinkage rate:    %0.2
Bareol toughness: 68
Coefficient f the thermal extention: 32 umm-1K-1
Water Apsorption: 12ug/g
Solution in wate:r 1ug/g
Radiopasity: strong
Polishing High; shine

Dynamic Plus is indicated for class I, II, V of posterior teeth, class III, IV, V
of anterior teeth and cervical cavities (wedge shaped defect) involving root surfaces.
*Easy handling, non-sticky formula that won’t slump.
*Excellent wear resistance and superior performance at the margin.
*Resists chipping and fracturing for long-lasting restorations.
*Creamy consistency
*Great optical properties
*Simple technique
*Excellent polishability
*Long working time
*Suitable for all cavities in Anterior & Posterior teeth

Barium aluminosilicate (Average Particle Size: ≤1μm)
Fumed silica (Average Particle Size: 0.04μm)
Triethyleneglycol dimethacrylate
The percentage by weight of total inorganic filler is ca.80>#br###Shelf Life:
*3 years from the production date

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