President Dental DYNAMIC FLOW - Universal Flowable Restorative Refill (2 gr Syringe)


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Dynamic Flow is an flowable and restorative composite that can be polimerized with light and has low viscosity. Dynamic Flow that can provide perfect aesthatic with polishing retention presents you the universal technology. It provites excellent polishing and also less light cured. 

Key Features
• Excellent biocompatibility with dentin and pulp 
• Light curing typer cavity liner, cure extremely hard 
• Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites 
• Contains calcium hydroxy phosphaste 
• Releases calcium, hydroxyl, phosphate and fluoride ions 
• Fluoride releasing 
• Insoluable in water and oral fluids 
• Radiopacity 
• Flow-ondemand handling and easy dispensing

• Restoration of minimally invasive cavity (Class V and Class Ⅲ)
• Pits and fissure sealant 
• Base and Liner for direct restoration
• Repair acrylic temporary materials
• Repair of esthetic indirect restoration 


*BIS-GMA,UDMA.Bis-Ema TMPTMA Barium aliminium boro silicate
Shelf Life :
*Three years from the production date.

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