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Polydentia Unica anterior Matrices 1pc


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Polydentia Unica anterior Matrices


Made in switzerland

Unica anterior is the ideal matrix to perform direct class III, IV, V cavity restorations, and aesthetic restorations such as direct stratification composite veneers and shape modifications of maxillary central incisors. Thanks to its contoured shape, Unica anterior matrix allows the proximal and cervical margins to be restored at the same time, even in the presence of a rubber dam or gingival retraction cords, thus reducing the time needed for restoration. In addition, once positioned, Unica anterior matrix allow visualising the final shape of the restoration, even before starting the procedure. 


Ultrathin stainless steel (0.03 mm) for tight contact surfaces

It allows to reconstruct interproximal and cervical margins with a single matrix
it enables highly predictable results
simplified management of the cervical area: excellent predictability of the restoration and gingival retraction 

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