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Flowable Dental Composite

Flow-It ALC (Accelerated Light Cure) material is a versatile flowable composite with flexural and tensile strength comparable to the best hybrid composites.

Excellent handling capabilities and just the right viscosity make it easy to use in an extensive range of applications. Flow-It ALC material cures in only 3 seconds with high speed cure lights or only 10 seconds with standard halogen lights.

Product Benefits

  • Cuts cure time in half no matter what light you use
  • Slump-resistant; holds its position in a preparation but still flows well
  • Complete esthetic selection of 24 shades including new bleach shades A0 & B0
  • Combines strength and esthetics so it can be used in many applications


What shades are available in Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite?

Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite is available in 24 shades including all 16 Vita shades, 2 pedo shades, 4 bleach shades, Clear, and Universal Opaque. Refer to the product page for a full listing.

How long does it take for Flow-It ALC flowable composite to light cure?

Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite will cure with a high speed halogen curing light in 3 seconds and with a standard halogen curing light in 10 seconds.

Can Flow-It ALC composite be used as a pit and fissure sealant?


What applications can Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite be used for?

Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite can be used in class I, III, and V restorations. It may also be used as a base liner in class II restorations, as well as a repair material for ceramic and composite restorations.

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