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PENTRON Build-It FR (8g)


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Fiber Reinforced Core Material

Syringe 8g

Made in USA


Build-It™ FR

 Core Material

Fiber Reinforced Core Material

Build-It FR Fiber Reinforced Core Material is the perfect material to use with FiberKleer 4x and FiberKor Fiber Posts. Formulated to flow and stack without slumping, the material’s unique viscosity enables the clinician to dispense the material and form the core build-up with ease. Specially treated glass fibers provide a minimum compressive strength of 300MPa for a strong and reliable foundation for your indirect restorations. Designed to offer optimal versatility and performance, Build-It FR Core Material self cures in minutes or light cures in seconds to a hard consistency. Choose from shades A2, A3, Opaceous White, Gold, and Blue in either 25ml/48 g auto-mix cartridges or 4ml Mini Mix™ syringes.

Product benefits

  • Easy handling – flows and stacks where you want it without slumping
  • Versatile – designed to offer optimal versatility and performance
  • Proven performance – strong and reliable foundations are clinically tested
  • Award-winning – efficient results have won numerous awards


  • A fiber reinforced, dual cure post and core build-up resin composite material used for restoring a crown or missing tooth structure.

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