Parkell AccuFilm Occlusal Articulating film


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For decades, AccuFilm has been the standard for marking occlusion. Why? Well for starters, it measures the thinnest—a mere 21 microns thick. As a result of its super thinness, patients don’t sense anything between their teeth when they are biting down.

• Super thin for greater precision.
• Won't trigger mandibular reflexes that might skew the bite.
• Consistently produces sharp, easy-to-interpret marks.
• No false markings.
• It stretches, but doesn't break. There's no snap-back to distort the marks.
• Features the highest plastic deformation of all major brands tested.
• 64 Microns thick
• Sized to fit any arch, from pediatric patients to professional wrestlers!
• Uniform dark ink coating across the entire sheet gives sharp, easily-readable bite-marks on both arches.
• Red-Blue coating makes bite-mark recognition quick and easy.

AccuFilm® II Red/Black booklets, Box of 5 (50 sheets/booklet, 250 sheets total)
AccuFilm® I available as Red or black, Canister of 280 pre-cut strips
AccuFilm® Full Arch Marking Paper Booklet- Red/Blue, Six booklets (12 sheets/booklet, 72 sheets total) 

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