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Orthocryl® liquid


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It is specially designed to meet the requirements for fabricating orthodontic appliances, occlusal splints, anti-snoring devices, etc. Can be used as a "salt and pepper" technique and "dough" technique. 

Dentaurum Orthocryl is fracture resistant, has proven biocompatibility, easy polishing, and finishing, do not pressure your time during the processing.

Dentaurum Orthocryl features:

Safety both for user and patient in a polymerized form as used by the patient and the grinding particles generated during processing. Impressive results proved that this orthodontic acrylic is biologically safe. Orthocryl is non-toxic, does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane and does not contain any mutagenic properties. It has excellent biocompatible qualities.

It is the selection of raw materials and the particular mix of particle size within the Orthocryl powder which give the acrylic its stability. 

It was possible to reduce the shrinkage of the Orthocryl cold cured acrylic to an absolute minimum. Therefore, Orthocryl guarantees an unbeatably accurate fit. Outstanding reliable results.

The many years of manufacturing experience and the very careful, unconditional selection of raw materials are wide enough to reassure the technician he can always depend on the top quality certificate "Made in Germany by Dentaurum”. 

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