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Olident OliCo XP


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Significantly improved generation of the well-known OliCo composite material. It is a real expert material in nano-ceramic technology. Thanks to a structural modification, the material has now better strength parameters. OliCo XP fillings are much more resistant to abrasion and more durable.

In its newest version, OliCo XP contains significantly more nanoparticles with the preserved general content of fillers. Furthermore, it is also characterized by a reduced polymerization shrinkage, great polishability and long lasting gloss.

Thanks to the increased amount of nanoparticles, the edges of the filling become invisible. The light refracts in the composite material just like in natural tissues, giving a distinct chameleon effect. This guarantees a natural and predictable aesthetic result.

Packaging: 1 x syringe 5g

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