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Nordin GLASSIX Refill ( 6 pcs )


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GLASSIX is available in refills of 6 pcs each size

Nr 1 – Ø 1.00 

Nr 2 – Ø 1.20

 Nr 3 – Ø 1.35 

Nr 4 – Ø 1.50

The radio-opaque fibre posts!

The glass fibre will prevent the post from breaking and makes it very resilient and it will not like a hard and numb metal post transmit stress and shock to the dentine. It will work together with the dentine to absorb any stress or shock as it has about the same elasticity as the dentine itself.

The composite will form a bond with a resin cement and the composite used for build-up. The GLASSIX posts are available in 3 different selected diameters (the most used) and in a cylindrical shape with a gentle rounded cone ideal for the root-canal and exactly matched by the calibrated reamers.

The GLASSIX posts are long (they are easily shortened) so you can always let the post go all the way to the top of your build-up and cut off the extra length when you trim the build-up, thus ensuring maximum bond and strength to the reconstruction.

GLASSIX is radio-opaque, allowing fast recognition on the X-Ray.

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