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Neosil Peakosil Addition Silicon Start Kit Plus


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2 units of PEAKOSIL Light Body ,1 set of PEAKOSIL Putty Plus, with 6 Yellow Mix Tips(For PEAKOSIL Light Body) & 6 Intra Oral Tips

■ PEAKOSIL Light Body : 50ml = 25ml Base + 25ml Catalyst / Unit  

■ PEAKOSIL Putty Plus : 560ml = 280ml Base+ 280ml Catalyst/ Set


■ Not sticky. Its viscosity is suitable for mixing it with bare hands.
■ Patient does not feel any repulsion because it has no taste and odor.
■ After hardened, very hard to minimize negative deformation during impression.
■ High affinity with plaster enables detailed modeling.
■ Oil does not ooze during mixing with bare hands. Dissimilar to putties of other manufacturers.

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