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Muller Omicron EasyCord


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Knit retraction cords made of 100 % cotton, non-impregnated. The special cord sample makes it possible to soak up a large amount of liquids, the excellent compression pur­posefully redelivers the liquid for effect. Very good flexible behaviour provides for a constant pressure and perfect fit; EasyCord

can be easily inserted, it does not fray and does not get tangled up in the rotary diamond drill.

Further advantages:

Bottle with integrated cutter and linear measurement scale for simple and hygienic dispensing. The cord is cut off when the cover is closed, the bottle is closed and the cord is locked in place in the cover, it cannot slide back into the bottle. EasyCord is immediately ready for use again. EasyCord is available in 6 colour-coded sizes, from extra fine (size 000) to extra thick (size 3).

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