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Meta Biomed Nexcomp Kit


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Nano-Hybrid Composite Resin Kit

– 4g x 7 Syringe (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, A2E, B2E) 

– Meta P&Bond 5g

 – Meta Etchant 3g

Made in Korea 


  • Low 1.6% shrinkage for superior marginal integrity, various shades
  • Filled with 40 nano-sized filler for excellent polishability
  • Optimal handling – excellent sculptability for restoring natural shape and function
  • Non-slumping, non-sticky

Areas of application

  • Class I, II, III, IV, V restorations
  • Diastema closures
  • Direct veneering
  • Composite and porcelain repairs

Shelf Life : 3 years from the date of manufacture 

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