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Meta Biomed CeraSeal Bioceramic Sealer 2g


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Bioceramic-Based Root Canal Sealer

Syringe 2g

Made in Korea


  • anti-microbial
  • optimal biocompatibility
  • excellent sealing ability
  • Unique stability

It’s Calcium Silicate!

Calcium silicate produces CAH (Calcium Aluminate Hydrate) gel and CSH (Calcium Silicate Hydrate) gel by absorbing the moisture from surrounding tissues in the root canal and some crystallization of Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2).

Anti Microbial, High Biocompatibility


This test result shows that even if CeraSeal has high pH (12.73), it proves high biocompatibility.

Bioactivity and cytocompatibility of new bioceramic sealer

Excellent Sealing Ability

  • Moisture in the dentinal tubules and Calcium Silicate’s chemical reaction produce crystallization of Calcium Hydroxide
  • CeraSeal is perfectly and fully hermetic in the root canal
  • It prevents from the propagation of bacteria

Unique stability

  • CeraSeal never shrinks or expands in the root canal
  • It prevents from odontoclasis by keeping its stable volume
  • The Single cone technique obturation can be performed

Shorter Setting time

  • prevents from wash-out phenomenon

The wash-out phenomenon can happen if the MTA or MTA based sealer is not sufficiently cured or the exudate is produced in the root canal. Consequently, the root canal sealer is washed away by physical forces. CeraSeal prevents by curing faster than other sealers.

Excellent Radiopacity: 8mm Al

Physical Properties

Setting Time

3,5 h


12 <


8mm <



2g Pre-mixed syringe × 1EA Intra canal tips × 15EA

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