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Master-Dent Diamond Polishing Paste (3g)


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Master-Dent Diamond Polishing Paste

Syringe 3g

Made in USA


Master-Dent® Diamond Polishing Paste is ideal for polishing composites, amalgam and castings and represents an ultimate solution for restoring original smoothness to dental ceramics after making repairs, adjustments, etc. Designed for both intra- and extra-oral use, this product is based on high purity, non-toxic ingredients. A polyglycol base of controlled molecular weight prevents splattering and facilitates wash-out without staining the tissue. The abrasive consists of pure diamond powder, whose particle size has been selected for best efficiency and optimum gloss. The best way to apply the paste is with felt polishing accessories.


- Ideal for polishing composites, amalgam and castings
- Pure diamond powder for high gloss
- Non-splatter formula and easy washout

- High purity, non-toxic ingredients with

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