Madespa Ventura Extra Hard Stone


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Ventura extrawhite. Extra-white gypsum for orthodontics, produced from stones selected to ensure an extra-white, homogeneous and compact model.


  • The origin and selection of the raw materials and their small particle size ensure an extra-white colour that stands out from other competing products.

Indicated for:

  • Models for all types of orthodontic works.


  • Use proportion: 26 ml / 100 g.
  • Mixing time under vacuum: 30”.
  • Manual mixing: 1’.
  • Working time: 8’.
  • Setting time (Vicat): 10’.
  • Setting expansion (2h): 0,13%.
  • Compressive strength (48h): 34 MPa.
  • Extraction time: 45’.
  • Colours: Brilliant white.

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