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Lysoformin 3000 - 20ml


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Disinfecting and cleaning concentrate for instruments, equipment and surfaces; particularly appropriate for flexible endoscopes.

100 g solution contains: 7.5 g glyoxal, 9,5 g glutaral, 9.6 g didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

Range of application
· disinfection and cleaning of instruments, endoscopes, as well as equipment and surfaces and textiles in one procedure only in case of any bacterial (incl. tb) and viral infections
· control of nosocomial infections

Mode of application / dosage

Lysoformin 3000 is a liquid concentrate with which any dilution required can be made by simply adding water (at max. room temperature). Always fill container with tap water first, then add disinfectant. Prepare dilution shortly before use (as recommended in the directives for the "Identification, Prevention and Control of Hospital Acquired Infections" of the Federal Health Office, Berlin). The solutions ready for use are efficient for at least a fortnight provided they are free of organic residue (disinfection of pre-cleaned instruments).

· control of bacteria (incl. tb), fungi, viruses like hepatitis B and AIDS/HIV
· contains no phosphates, no oxidising compounds, no formaldehyde, no phenols
· good compatibility with instruments, flexible endoscopes, equipment surfaces
· cleans without adding detergent
· resists hard water, biodegradable
· fresh non-clinging scent

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