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speed Handplece
Characteristics of products
The handle is slide-proof. comfortable and easy to clean
2.Handpiece and adapters can bear steam disinfection at 135c
3.The head angle can provide better operational vision and angle so that work efficiency ean be improved
4.Cartridges have high precision. when rotating, cartridges have low noise and high efficiency
5.Optical fibre handpiece like TL, TULP, TUQLP use importing optical glass, so the effect is better and their life span is longer comparing with other handpiece
6.Handpiece like TP, TU, TULP, TUQLP have the effect of anti-reaction, it can prevent the salive from entering the
handbiece and infecting
7.Handpiece like TU, TUQ, TP. TUP. TL, TULP. TUQLP adopt three-point spraying and can make the curing part nd the burs cool
8. Handpiece likeS, M. T, SUare easy to change cartridges
9. Handpiece like TUQ, TUOLP have adapter for easy loading and unloading. TUQPL with adapter optical fibre can contral the amount of water through adapter
10. The scope of application: for dental professionals use only
.Before using it, please make it sure that all instruments and accessories are in good order.
2 The burs must be fixed correctly berore using
3. When rotating,the head button of push-button handpiece can make the head hot. Don't make the head button near the patiences face or the button may hurt the patience
4. The burs should be correctly be installed to make sure its clamping strength. But the burs shouldn's be fixed with strength or the burs can be damaged then cause accident.

5. After extending use the handpiece may become noisy, replace the cartridge with a new one.failure to replace the cartridge may cause accidents or impair patiences nearing
6. Maintainance should be operated by professional technician
Technical parameter
Ways of unloading burs Pressure of handpiece in
screw type screw type screw type
177-216 KPa (1.8-2.2 k01/Cm2)
177-216 Pa (1.9-2.2 k
meter Kolation socco
196~245 KPa (2.0-2.5 kg1/cm2)
ф10.2mm 380000-420000
Ф11.2mm 380000-42000
Standard push- button type 177-216 Pa (1.
Torque push-button type 206-231K
Torque push- button type 206-23
Torque push- button type 206 231%
Torque push-button type 208-231KPa (2.1-2.35 kg/em2)
241-275 Pa (2.45-2.8kg/cm2) Ф12.5mm 330000-4200
206-231KPa (2.1-2.35 kg/cm2) 241-275 KPa(2.45-2.8kgt/cm2) Ф12.5 mm 330000-420000
Torque push-button type 206-231KPa (2.1-2.35 kul/em2) 241-275 KPa(2.45-2.8kat/cm2) Ф12.5 mm 330000-420000
Pusn- DUton TyPe 206-237XPO (2.1-2.35 k01/Cm2) 241-275 Pa2.45-2.8kat/cm23 6125mm 330000-42000

I.The rotating speeds are different for different structure of handpiece interface, the length of handpiece pipe and
degrees ol dental aging
2.If pressuer for getting into is much high, the rotation speed will be high or the bearing will be damaged
3.In order to lengthen life span, clean air compressor should be used and maintain timely air compressor and air water filtering system so that air and water can be of high-quality. if water isn't filtered, the pipe interface will be obstructed.
About burs
1.Don't use non-standard burs, the shank diameter, in particular, must confirm to ISO standard of 1.59-1.60mm
2.Do not use bent, irregularily worn, or damaged burs. always keep the burs clean. dirt and debris on the shank m-ay cause clogging of the chuck, loss of grip, or premature wear of the chuck.
3.Burs should be in order
4.Donot use short shank burs on the standard or torque head handpiece. and don't use long and big-head burs on 1-
he miniature nanapiece
5.Please operate burs according to manufacturers' instruction, and before operating handpiece, please install burs

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