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Lascod Silaxil Putty 900ml


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  • Maximum accuracy
  • Ideal viscosity
  • Tixotropic
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Very elastic
  • Bio-compatible
  • Mint flavor (Putty)
  • NEW viscosity facilitates mixing by hand, making it free from any porosity; it also allows the reproduction of details without compressing the tissues, thus making it the ideal product for all of the techniques of impression taking.
  • NEW orange flavor and the short setting time in the mouth, make the new formula more pleasant for the patient.
  • The long working time allows to perform the various stages of impression taking, without that the material pre-harden hastily.
  • The high dimensional stability allows to preserve the impression for prolonged periods without incurring any dimensional alteration of the models.
  • Moreover, thanks to the blocks mixture driven, the phases of the dosage and the subsequent mixing between Light Body and the catalyst are extremely simplified, avoiding a useless waste of material.


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