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Lascod Silaxil Medium Body 140ml


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C-Silicone Medium

140ml Medium

Made in Italy

Silaxil condensation silicones (type C), with the highest level of accuracy in details reproduction, are suitable for all impression taking techniques.

The purple color of the light body and the green color of the regular body allow to verify the perfect homogeneity of the mixing between base paste and catalyst, subsequently creating an excellent chromatic contrast between the first and second impression.

The viscosities facilitate manual mixing, making it free of any porosity; they also allow the registration of details without compressing the tissues, thus making it the ideal product for all impression taking techniques. The choice of delicate aromas, mint for Putty and orange for Light and Regular body, is well tolerated by the patient, does not alter the salivation and significantly reduces the emetic effect.

The long working time allows to perform the various stages of impression taking, without that the material pre-harden hastily.

The high dimensional stability over time allows to preserve the impression for long periods without incurring any dimensional alteration of the models.

Furthermore, thanks to the blocks mixture driven, the dosage and subsequent mixing phases of the Light Body / Regular Body with the Enersyl catalyst are extremely simplified, avoiding an unnecessary waste of material.

A color code makes each product easy to identify:


⬤  Putty


  Regular body


 ● Regular body – 1 x 140 ml tube

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