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Lascod Litark Temporary Filling 60g


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LITARK bonds extremely well with the cavity surfaces guaranteeing high non-permability and a mastication resistant stable filling. LITARK sets rapidly when in contact with saliva.


Temporary filling cement, ready to use and extremely easy to apply.

 It doesn’t contain eugenol. The product is characterized by high plasticity. 

The improved viscosity ensures better workability, facilitating application. 

LITARK adheres extremely well with the cavity surfaces with no need to add any further retentions. 

The cavity does not need to be dried before application. All types of residues and other solutions must be completely removed from the cavity before applying the cement.

 LITARK sets quickly on contact with saliva. Litark low solubility ensures impermeable, completely neutral fillings resistant to mastication. Litark is easy to remove and does not leave residues.

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