Kuraray Clearfil Liner Bond F Half Kit


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LEARFIL LINER BOND F, the brand new SE (self-etching) for you

CLEARFIL LINER BOND F is Light-curing, self-etching adhesive with fluoride-releasing property. The fluoride releasing property is given in addition to the basic characteristic with the clinical evidence over the ten years of CLEARFIL SE BOND.

Clinical Indication:

  • Direct filling restorations using light-curing composite or compomer
  • Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations
  • Treatment of hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured facing crowns made of porcelain, hybrid ceramics or composite resin using light-curing composite
  • Surface treatment of prosthetic appliances made of porcelain, hybrid ceramics and cured composite resin

Feature & Benifits :

  • Excellent bond strength
  • Least post-operative sensitivity
  • Low technique sensitivity
  • Fluoride releasing property

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