Kuraray Clearfil AP-X


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undefinedCLEARFIL™ AP-X is a light-curing, radiopaque universal composite resin which combines accurate color matching, best polishing qualities, and outstanding physical features. Thanks to these properties, it is suitable for both anterior and posterior tooth restorations. Its composition ensures optimum viscosity so that it can easily be polished and layering is simple. 

Features & Benefits :

  • Accurate color matching
  • High strength and durability
  • High polishability
  • Easy handling
  • No stickiness to instruments
  • Sufficient radiopacity
  • Superior physical properties

Restoration for:

  • Class I, II, V cavities of posterior teeth
  • Class III, IV, V cavities of anterior teeth
  • Cervical cavities (WSD*) involving root services
  • * wedge shaped defect

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